ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit
Samsonite Base HitsCombination lock - smooth & silent wheels - adjustable handle - durable material - mesh pocket - large yet lightweight - range of coloursMid range Lowest Price Here!
IT LuggageLightweight fibre glass design - adjustable handle - top & side handle - mesh pockets & packing straps - 10 year warrantyMid range Lowest Price Here!
5 CitiesLightweight design - durable material & aluminium frame - front pockets - sturdy wheels - passes as hand luggage - available in multiple designs - respected brandAffordable Lowest Price Here!
Aerolite Eco- Friendly ReviewDurable hard shell exterior - recycled plastic contruction - scratch resistant - 8 wheels for greater manoeuvrability - packing straps & elastic pockets - combination lock - 5 year guaranteeMid range Lowest Price Here!
Luggage XDurable suitcase with large capacity - lightweight - high resistance material - multi-directional wheels - adjustable handle - TSA lock - separate interior compartments - 1 year warrantyHigh end Lowest Price Here!

Top 5 Lightweight Suitcases

If you’re shopping for lightweight luggage, you may have noticed that the term is used for almost every bag or suitcase on the market, which is because there was such a demand for lightweight luggage (no one really wants heavy luggage do they?) that all the manufacturers started making them. There are a lot of things that make a bag lightweight, and companies are always looking for new materials that are durable enough to travel without adding extra weight. Although things like handles and wheels make suitcases a lot easier to transport, and so until the manufacturers invent a lighter wheel and handle you’ll have to look out for how much extra weight these components will add.


To make matters even more confusing, a lot of companies are now selling ultra-lightweight bags and suitcases. Whilst these may sound good, they tend to get a lot of bad reviews because their creators chose lightness over quality, and so a lot of these bags break, rip, sag and even explode. The problem with the words ‘light weight’ or ‘super lightweight’ is that there is no standard these bags have to meet before they can use those terms. Therefore these bags can be marketed as whatever the manufacturers want, and you’ll have to scan the small print to make sure you’re not being ripped off.

Things to look out for

When you’re buying a suitcase, there are a few things you need to look out for. If light weight luggage is your top priority, you still have to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Before you make a purchase, check that the material the luggage is made out of is durable, the luggage is easy to carry around (I.e handles, wheels, straps etc), the luggage is secure and the price is reasonable.

Shopping for lightweight luggage can be really confusing with all these terms and brands trying to grab your attention, but luckily we’re here to help. We have compiled a list of the five best lightweight luggage options available on the market, and we’ve done all the comparing and contrasting so you don’t have to.

Samsonite Base Hits Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite Base Hits ReviewThe Samsonite Base Hits Suitcase is a durable yet lightweight piece of travel luggage that is perfect for the whole family (lowest price here!). Read on to see some of the Samsonite’s best features.

  • The Samsonite Base has a 3 digit combination lock, especially designed to keep your belongings safe when you travel.
  • This suitcase is closed via a zipper, allowing you to fit your own lock for extra security.
  • Are you sick of loud and rickety suitcase wheels? If so you’re in luck, because the Samsonite Base suitcase’s four multi-directional wheels are designed to be extra quiet and smooth. This suitcase is very easy to to wheel and requires minimum effort.
  • This is a large suitcase with a height of 77 centimetres, a length of 45 and a width of 32, making it the perfect companion for a long trip. Despite it’s large size, the suitcase only weight 3.5 kilo’s on it’s own so is guaranteed to meet airport weight requirements.
  • The Samsonite Base has a multi-stage push button that you can use to adjust the suitcase handle, so you can set it to suit your needs.
  • This soft shell suitcase is made out of denier polyester, which is a durable and stain resistant material.
  • Samsonite is a well known and respected brand, so you can guarantee a certain level of quality.
  • The Samsonite comes with a large mesh pocket, which is perfect for extra storage and will make your packing easier to organise.
  • This suitcase is available in five colours (including black, poppy red and steel blue) and offers a limited warranty of 5 years.


Features: Combination lock – smooth & silent wheels – adjustable handle – durable material – mesh pocket – large yet lightweight – range of colours.

Pricing: Mid range

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IT Luggage Review – Number 2

IT Luggage ReviewThis suitcase is part of IT Luggage World’s Light collection, and it is a fully functional suitcase that will pass airport specifications and won’t tire you out. Some of it’s best features include:

  • The IT Luggage World suitcase is super lightweight but doesn’t compromise on quality. The fibre-glass structure and strong fabric makes this a sturdy suitcase that is suitable for long as well as short trips.
  • Whilst this suitcase feels so light that you might assume it’s flimsy, customers have testified that this suitcase lasts for multiple overseas trips, although some customers have experienced problems with airline travel.
  • The bush button handle design allows for easy adjust-ability depending on your needs.
  • This suitcase comes with a top and side handle, so you can easily pick it up and carry it to your destination.
  • The IT Luggage World suitcase includes interior mesh pockets and packing straps, both designed to help you keep track of your belongings and keep them all neatly folded and in place.
  • IT Luggage World includes a 10 year manufacturer warranty which will keep you protected for longer. The longer the warranty the more confident the manufacturer is in their product, and a 10 year warranty shows that the creators of the IT Luggage World Suitcase believe it will last a long time. The warranty will also protect you against faulty models and any unexpected damages.
  • With dimensions of 74 centimetres height, 44.5 centimetres length and 28 centimetres width and weighing only 2.3 kilos, this is a good sized light suitcase that is perfect for a quick getaway or a trip abroad.


Features: Lightweight fibre glass design – adjustable handle – top & side handle – mesh pockets & packing straps – 10 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid-Range

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5 Cities Medium Trolley Suitcase Review – Number 3

Super Lightweight Polyester Hold Check In 2 Wheels SuitcasesThe 5 Cities Medium Suitcase is a reliable, lightweight and affordable piece of luggage from a reputable company. Read on for some of its best features:

  • This lightweight yet sturdy suitcase is made out of Denier polyester material, a material that is known for its durability and stain resistance.
  • The 5 Cities suitcase contains an aluminium frame, which is lightweight, strong and resistant. This suitcase also comes with a retractable handle, so you can switch between wheeling and carrying effortlessly.
  • Need extra space for your valuables? The 5 cities suitcase comes with two front pockets which are ideal for storing small, important items like your money or passport.
  • Wheels can be the most problematic part of a suitcase, but this 5 cities brand contains sturdy wheels with protective skids to guarantee a smooth journey.
  • With average dimensions of 21” and a height of 55, weight of 40 and depth of 20 cm, this suitcase can hold all your luggage with ease and still be considered hand luggage by the majority of airlines!
  • We are reviewing the black design, but this suitcase is also available in black leaf, wine red and butterfly purple designs, allowing all of your family to find a suitcase that suits their personality!
  • Luggage Travel Bags are a leading U.K supplier of quality, durable and affordable luggage.


Features: Lightweight design – durable material & aluminium frame – front pockets – sturdy wheels – passes as hand luggage – available in multiple designs – respected brand.

Pricing: Affordable

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Aerolite Eco- Friendly Review – Number 4

Aerolite Eco- Friendly ReviewThe Aerolite Eco-Friendly suitcase is a durable, tough and affordable suitcase that is perfect for no nonsense travellers everywhere. Read on for some of the Aerolite’s best features.

  • This suitcase has a durable hard shell exterior that is made from PETT recycled plastic, making this an eco-friendly suitcase you can be proud of. The anti-scratch surface and durable design will protect your belongings while you do your bit for the environment!
  • The Aerolite suitcase comes with a whopping 8 wheels designed for easier manoeuvrability. These dual high-mileage wheels offer 360 degree movement so the weight is evenly spread out, guaranteeing you a more comfortable journey.
  • This suitcase comes with interior packing straps and elasticated pockets so your belongings remain organised and tidy as the suitcase is moved around.
  • Complete with a TSA 3-digit combination lock, this suitcase guarantees extra protection from theft and can even get you through customs faster in the USA!
  • The Aerolite comes with a 5 year guarantee, so not only are you protected for longer but you know that the Aerolite manufacturers are confident that their product is durable and long lasting.
  • This suitcase weights 4 KG and has dimensions of 27 height x 50 width x 71.5 depth, which means it is not the lightest or smallest suitcase on this list. However, when you consider the hard exterior this is still a remarkably lightweight product given its features.


Features: Durable hard shell exterior – recycled plastic contruction – scratch resistant – 8 wheels for greater manoeuvrability – packing straps & elastic pockets – combination lock – 5 year guarantee.

Pricing: Mid-Range

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Luggage X Review – Number 5

Luggage X ReviewThis sturdy high-end suitcase is perfect for hard core travellers and long trips. Read on to discover some of this products best features.

  • This large and durable suitcase is perfect for big, long distance trips. With a height of 77cm (30 inches), a width of 56, a depth of 36 and a 126.7 litre holding capacity, this suitcase can carry all your luggage and still have room left over! This suitcase weights around 4.9 kg and so isn’t the lightest piece of luggage in the world, but for such a big sturdy suitcase it is still remarkably light.
  • This virtually indestructible suitcase is made out of high impact resistant material to make the shell and lightweight Polypropylene which ensures the suitcase remains light and easy to carry.
  • This suitcase comes with multi-directional wheels designed for better manoeuvrability and to give you a smoother journey.
  • This Indescribable suitcase comes with an adjustable handle that can be locked into three different positions, so you can adjust it based on whether you want to wheel or carry the suitcase.
  • This suitcase comes with a zipper and a TSA lock, which will help ensure your belongings remains secure.
  • The interior of this suitcase is made from fully lined satin, and there are two interior compartments so you can separate your belongings and keep the inside of your luggage tidy and organised.
  • The Virtually Indestructible Suitcase comes with a name and address tag, which is really important in case your luggage is delayed or lost at the airport.
  • This suitcase comes with a one year manufacturer warranty, so you are protected from any faulty products and you know this company has faith in their product.


Features: Durable suitcase with large capacity – lightweight – high resistance material – multi-directional wheels – adjustable handle – TSA lock – separate interior compartments – 1 year warranty.

Pricing: High end.

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These are all excellent lightweight suitcases, but first place has to go to the Samsonite Base Hits Suitcase 4 Wheel Spinner 77cm Expandable Black. This is a secure, adjustable and easily organised light weight suitcase which comes with smooth and silent wheels, durable and stain proof material and a 5 year guarantee!

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Buyers Guide To Lightweight Luggage & Suitcases

When it comes to buying travel luggage, things really aren’t that straightforward. With more and more people taking to the skies and heading to exotic destinations all over the globe, travel luggage has evolved and more and more features and options keep being invented. When you’re buying new travel luggage, you first need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What kind of holidays/trips will you be taking? Are you travelling for work, planning a short beach holiday or quick getaway, or planning an adrenaline filled bungee jumping adventure? The kind of holidays you’ll be taking your luggage on will determine the kind of luggage you need to buy.
  • How long will you be travelling for? Are you planning a quick weekend getaway, a weeks long beach holiday or a year of globe trotting? The length of your trip will effect the luggage you’ll need to take not just because longer trips will require more clothes, but because if you are planning on travelling for a long time you will need lightweight luggage that’s easy to carry and won’t hold you back. Whilst you may think going away for a month means you have to bring everything you own with you, most seasoned travellers will recommend to travel as light as possible.
  • What is important to you? Do you need a suitcase that’s extra easy to manoeuvre, or do you want something that’s going to keep your suits crisp and wrinkle free? Do you want to avoid luggage check in at all cost? Travellers and holiday makers are diverse and have different needs, and luckily there are so many luggage options available that everyone should be able to find their perfect fit.

When buying travel luggage, a lot of people just aren’t sure what to look for. Luckily for you we’ve created this guide to lightweight luggage and suitcases to answer any questions and clear up any doubts you may have so you can then go on to make an informed purchase.

Trip types

As mentioned previously, the type of trip you are taking will determine the kind of luggage you will need to buy. Here is a list of some of the trips you may be making this year, and what kind of luggage would be appropriate.

Weekend getaway.

  • If you have a long weekend or you just want to get away from it all after a long working week, a weekend getaway is the perfect mini break. Whether your jetting to another city or taking a coach somewhere closer to home, you’ll need the appropriate luggage for your trip.
  • Whilst some people may want to take their entire wardrobe with them so they have plenty of choice, most people would recommend that for a 2-3 day long trip you would invest in cabin luggage, I.e a suitcase or bag that is small enough in its dimensions to be accepted as carry on luggage in a plane.
  • Different airlines will have different restrictions, but most size limits will be around the 27 x 21 x 14 inches mark.
  • Carry on luggage takes many forms and you’ll have quite a lot of choice. Some of your choices include small suitcases, rucksacks or a good sized duffel bag.

Business trip

  • If your going away on business, chances are at some point during your trip you’re going to have to dress formally, perhaps for a conference or an important meeting.
  • Many suitcases and rucksacks have the nasty tendency of wrinkling initially smooth clothes, and if you have to dress to impress this is the last thing you need.
  • Luckily, there are ‘suit carrier’ suitcases that are specially designed to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Many of these suit carriers will include a mini rack that you can hang your suits/clothes off of, and many of these carriers will have additional compartments for your shoes, shirts and underwear.
  • You may also want to invest in a suit carrier if you’re travelling to go to an important event, such as a friends wedding or an anniversary.

Beach holiday

  • If you’ve got a few weeks of holiday to take and you fancy a change of scenery, a beach holiday is the perfect way to relax, tan and drink all day without being judged.
  • Depending on how long your holiday is, you’ll want a suitcase that’s big enough for your belongings but isn’t so big that it’ll delay you or incur ‘heavy luggage’ costs.
  • You don’t have to pack a lot for a holiday, and most people actually find that they’ve packed too much and didn’t even wear all of the clothes they brought. If, however, you’re planning on swimming every day and partying in the evening, you’ll probably need a good sized suitcase that will have to be checked in at the airport. Go to our ‘suitcase section’ for more information.

Longer trips

  • Many people have a dream that one day they’ll quit their job and travel the globe for months or even years and soak up all the culture and experience that travel introduces you to.
  • Whilst it may seem like a pipe dream, many people do spend months or years travelling around the globe and may spend extended periods of time abroad without going home.
  • If you’re planning a long trip, you may think that you’ll need the biggest suitcase ever built so you can take all your clothes, books and toiletries with you. In reality this isn’t the best idea, because when you’re travelling for a long period of time you will have to lug your luggage to multiple locations and will spend a lot of time travelling with your luggage.
  • It’s a better idea to invest in something lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and easy to carry for long periods of time. Consider investing in a good size back pack or a soft shelled suitcase.

These are just some of the many diverse trips you could be going on. Hopefully you now have an idea of the type of luggage that would work for different holidays. Now let’s take a closer look at the different options and features you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Types of luggage


  • The suitcase is one of the most popular forms of travel luggage because it doesn’t require much strength or effort on the travellers part; rather than having to carry the weight of your luggage yourself, a suitcase can normally be wheeled on the ground. Whilst you will have to pick it up occasionally (which is why most suitcases come with lifting handles), you will normally manoeuvre a suitcase by pushing it behind you or along side you.

Spinner suitcases

  • Some suitcases have two wheels and will have to be tilted and wheeled behind you, but suitcases with four or even eight wheels (known as spinner suitcases) have become increasingly popular in recent years.
  • Spinner suitcases have more than two wheels, so rather than having to be tilted and pulled behind you, spinner suitcases can be wheeled alongside you. Spinner suitcases tend to have multi directional wheels that can move 360 degrees (I.e in a complete circle). This means that rather than only being able to go forwards, spinner suitcases can be pushed in any direction and can be turned quickly.
  • Suitcases with more than two wheels also tend to have better balance and can stand up on their own, unlike two wheeled suitcases that often sag or fall over. Some people swear by spinner suitcases and find them a lot easier to travel with, but others remain dubious.

Having more than two wheels is appealing because if one of the wheels were to malfunction, you’ve still got enough wheels to push the suitcase along. However, some would say that the more wheels you have means more wheels can break.

Carry on or check in?

If you are going on a short trip (or you just don’t want to have to carry a big bag or suitcase around with you) you may want to buy a suitcase or bag that’s small enough to take onto the plane with you. If you are going on a longer trip or you feel you need to take more belongings, than you’ll probably want a larger suitcase that will have to be checked in at the airport.

  • Carry on luggage is typically stored in the overhead lockers of the plane or under your seat. It’s handy to bring your luggage with you onto the plane because you’ll be able to access it throughout your flight and you won’t have to part with it for several hours (or days).
  • You’ll also avoid any complications that could happen to checked in luggage, such as it being sent to the wrong location or being damaged in transit.
  • Airline restrictions vary, but most carry on items will have to measure around 27 x 21 x 14 inches.
  • If you are bringing a suitcase that has larger measurements, you will probably have to check it in at the airport before going through security.
  • Checked in luggage will be loaded with all the other suitcases and can be collected on the other side at the luggage carousel.
  • Weight and height restrictions for check in luggage also varies between the airlines, but common weight limits are around 20 kg.

Soft or hard shell?

Most suitcases will either have a hard or a soft shell, both of which comes with their own set of advantages.

Hard shell

Many seasoned travellers prefer hard shell suitcases because they seem more durable. Hard shells tend to be made out of durable material, they are strong and robust, and they can’t be ripped or squashed in the same way that soft suitcases can. Whilst hard shells can be dented or scratched, they are often thought to be the better choice for long haul flights and long distance travel.

A suitcases hard shell is typically made out of one or more of the following materials.


  • Polypropylene is made from oil based plastic, and it is a very resistant material that is popularly used in laboratories and plumbing. As Polypropylene is heat resistant, the material is often used to make kettles and dish-washer safe products. This material is also waterproof, strong and resilient against corrosion and impact damage.

ABS Plastic

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styren (ABS) is another popular material because it is light weight, durable and shock absorbent. ABS functions in a wide range of temperatures, it is tough and it has a nice natural shiny surface.


  • Polycarbonate is another tough material that is often used for automotive and aircraft appliances. It is fairly scratch resistant, light weight and impact resistant, which are all pretty important when applied to travel luggage.

Soft shell

Soft shell suitcases are popular with consumers because they tend to be more flexible, have expandable capacities, have more pockets and tend to be lighter and cheaper than hard shells.

Soft shells are typically made out of the following materials.


  • Nylon is a popular material for use in soft shell suitcases because it has good abrasion resistance, it’s fairly heat resistant and is particularly resistant to the sun, it’s durable, resilient and remarkably strong. It also tends to be a very lightweight material.


  • Polyester is another popular material for soft shell suitcases because it is stain resistant, strong, and tear resistant. They also tend to make more attractive finishing products.


  • Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) is popular with construction companies and is often used for pipes, doors and windows. It is also popular for its leather-like appearance, water resistance and durability. It is cheaper to use PVC than many other materials, so PVC products will tend to be a bit cheaper.

Suitcase features

Here are several things to look for when buying a suitcase.

Capacity and weight

  • This is a guide to lightweight luggage and suitcases, so if you are reading this you are probably already specifically looking for lightweight luggage. Lightweight luggage has several advantages.
  • One of the most important advantages to buying a lightweight suitcase or another lightweight form of luggage is that most airlines have weight as well as height restrictions.
  • The more your suitcase weights, the less you will be able to pack because you’ll have to take the weight of the suitcase as well as the weight of your belongings into account. Similarly the less your suitcase weights by itself the more extra items you can bring.
  • Capacity is also important because it refers to how much stuff you can fit into your suitcase. Many brands have additional expandability, so if needs be you can add extra space.
  • Zip and mesh internal pockets as well as external pockets are a great way of providing extra storage space without having to make a bigger suitcase. Internal pockets can be used to store specific items such as shoes or toiletries, and outside pockets are great places to store valuables for easy access.
  • This is especially important if you’re buying carry on luggage, because you may not want to take an additional bag so it’s handy do have your passport/tickets within your reach.


No matter the size of your suitcase, it’s important that it has a handle. You’ll want a telescopic or adjustable handle to ensure you can push it up when you want to wheel it and down when you want to store it, and many handles can also be adjusted so they are a height that’s comfortable for you.

Ergonomic handles are ribbed and easier to handle then their counterparts, which makes them the ideal handle for older or less mobile people.

It’s also important that your suitcase has carry handles. These are the handles you will use when you have to lift your suitcase up, and many products will have on carry handle at the top of the suitcase and another at the side. It’s important to have two handles because many people find it easier to lift a suitcase sideways rather than long ways.


  • If your checking in some of your luggage, it’s important that you lock it. This is to protect you against theft or accidental losses, and it’s always better not to take security for granted.
  • Many suitcases come with TSA locks, which are really important for travelling to several locations including the USA. Some airports have extra security proceedings, and they are required to open and check the contents of your suitcase to protect against any threats or illegal objects.
  • A TSA lock will normally have a resettable combination code, and security are able to easily open and close a TSA lock without damaging your suitcase. If your luggage doesn’t have a TSA lock and security has to search your bag, they can and will force it open.
  • TSA locks can also help speed up custom checks in the USA, again because security can open and close them easily.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions and you now have a better idea of the kind of suitcase you want to buy. Next lets look at a few personal factors that could effect what luggage works best for you.


  • Many suitcases and travel luggage items will come with a warranty. The warranty will protect you against any accidental or manufacture damages, so if you end up with a dud product you can have it replaced without any extra costs.
  • Warranties will typically last between one and ten years, and not only will they keep you protected but they are a good indication of how well made a product is.
  • Manufacturers who know they have made a flimsy product that’s likely to break in a few months aren’t going to offer a ten year warranty, because they know they’d keep having to pay out. The longer the warranty is tends to be a good indication of how strong the manufacturer thinks the product is.

Men’s luggage

Men and women don’t have to buy different suitcases, but that doesn’t stop many brands marketing different products to men and women. Whilst preferences are not universal and are not always gendered, men may prefer smaller carry on luggage or backpacks that can be carried on your person and free up your hands. Men may also prefer neutral colours such as black or blue, and may not be comfortable buying a suitcase that turns out to be florescent pink. Travel luggage that is typically marketed for men tends to be durable, strong and non nonsense with a neutral pattern and dark colours.

Women’s luggage

Again, not every woman is going to like the same type of suitcase and gendered preferences are not universal. Women may prefer colourful suitcases with designs and patterns, and they may also require a larger suitcase to hold more items such as cosmetics and extra clothes. Women may also be more likely to prefer suitcases over backpacks. Travel luggage that is typically marketed at women tends to include colourful suitcases with patterns and bold appearances, products with extra room and wheeled suitcases.

Different types of luggage

We’ve mostly looked at suitcases during this article, but there are of course other travel luggage options out there. If you don’t want a traditional suitcase, some of these options may be more up your street.

  • Suit carriers. As we’ve already seen, you can buy a suit carrier or garment bag that will keep your clothes crease and wrinkle free, which is ideal if you are travelling for work or to a formal event.
  • Trolleys are a bit like suitcases except that the bag tends to be on a detachable, pushable frame. Many trolleys double as suitcases and back packs, so you can wheel your trolley along or, if you prefer, adjust the straps and carry it on your back.
  • Backpacks. Particularly popular with long-term travellers, back packs are large bags that you can fill with your belongings and carry around on your back. Backpacks can be easier to transport than suitcases, and they also leave your hands free.
  • Laptop bags and briefcases. These are smaller, hand held bags that are typically used for business. They tend to have multiple compartments that you can store papers, pens etc in, and laptop bags provide additional protection for your laptop or tablet.

So this is the end of our buyers guide to travel luggage and suitcases. We hope you’ve found this useful and you now have a clearer idea of the type of suitcase/luggage you want to buy. Remember to check customer reviews, ratings and small print before committing to a suitcase, and don’t compromise quality over price. Happy travelling!