Best Carry On Cabin Luggage For Women – Reviews 2016 – 2017

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Samsonite Hand LuggageFits airline specifications - lightweight - anti moisture seal - spinner suitcase with four wheels - telescopic handle & TSA lock - strong materialHigh end Lowest Price Here!
Cabin MaxLightweight - shower resistant - range of patterns & colours - adjustable shoulder straps - reasonable capacity - 3 year guaranteeAffordable Lowest Price Here!
TravelProDimensions fit with 95% of airlines - reasonable capacity and lightweight - tough material - top and side handles - front pockets - limited lifetime guaranteeHigh end Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Carry On Luggage For Women

Seasoned travellers know that bringing check in luggage to the airport can be a nightmare. You have to wait in additional cues, your luggage can be damaged or even broken in the process, and after a long flight you have to stumble zombie-eyed to the carousel and wait for ages before you see your luggage again.

I personally went through luggage hell a few years ago in Italy. The suitcases we checked in at the airport were lost for two days (we were only in Italy for three days!). Then when we got back and picked our suitcases up from the carousel I discovered that the handle of my suitcase had been broken during the flight and so I had to create a makeshift handle to lug it all the way home! If you want to avoid unnecessary stress (and keep your belongings safe from unforeseen damages) then you may want to invest in carry on luggage.

If you want to keep your luggage with you during your flight, it will need to fit the airlines requirements. These requirements vary from airline to airline, but the maximum measurements tend to be around 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (check with your airline before buying), so you will need a bag or suitcase that fits those dimensions. We understand that shopping for luggage can be stressful and time consuming, but we are here to make things easier. Read on for our top three list of the best carry on luggage for women!

Samsonite Hand Luggage Review – Number 1

Samsonite Hand Luggage ReviewThis attractive lightweight suitcase could be the travel companion you’ve always wanted (lowest price here!). Read on for a list of the Samsonite Hand Luggage’s features.

  • The Samsonite Hand Luggages measurements are 40 x 55 x 20, meaning it should be accepted on most major airlines.
  • This incredibly lightweight suitcase only weights 2.9 kilos, meaning that you can pack without worrying about going over the maximum weight or ending up with an unpleasantly heavy suitcase. It’s annoying when you have to pack less items because your suitcase weighs too much and you’re worried about going over the weight restrictions, but 2.9 kilos should give you more leeway.
  • This suitcase has a specially made seal that is designed to stop moisture getting into your bag. When you’ve been travelling for a long time and you’ve battled your way through the rain and gotten to your hotel room, the last thing you want is to open your suitcase and discover a bunch of damp clothes, but luckily this won’t be a problem with this Samsonite suitcase.
  • The interior of this suitcase includes cross ribbons, a large side pocket and a zipped compartment, so you can keep all your belongings neat and tidy as you travel. Lots of people like to keep their suitcase organised so they can find all their belongings easily, so it’s important to have extra compartmentalisation options. The zipped compartment is also a great place for storing toiletries, under garments or shoes.
  • This impressive suitcase has four wheels (making it a spinner suitcase). Many people believe that four wheels are better than two, and spinner suitcases are easier to handle than their two wheeled counterparts as the weight is more evenly distributed, spinner suitcases tend to feel lighter and tend to require less effort to push. Spinner suitcases also tend to have multi directional wheels, so instead of being limited to moving in one direction you can turn into any direction and your suitcase will follow.
  • This Samsonite model also comes with a telescopic handle, a hard exterior and an inbuilt TSA Lock for added protection. TSA locks are especially important for trips to countries like the USA that have extra security procedures, because security personnel can open and close a TSA suitcase without damaging it. If a suitcase can’t be opened without force, airport staff can and often will damage the suitcase to run security checks on the contents.
  • The Samsonite company designed this suitcase to be their lightest yet, and the polypropylene material that this suitcase is made out of is both incredibly lightweight and strong!


Features: Fits airline specifications – lightweight – anti moisture seal – spinner suitcase with four wheels – telescopic handle & TSA lock – strong material.

Pricing: High-end.

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Cabin Max Backpack Review – Number 2

Cabin Max Backpack ReviewThis affordable and lightweight backpack fits the specifications set by most airlines. Read on to find out more.

  • The backpacks dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 cm, meaning it will fit the requirements set buy most budget airlines including Easy Jet and Ryanair.
  • This lightweight backpack weights just 660 grams, meaning you can carry it for extended periods of time without feeling the strain.
  • This backpack is made out of shower resistant polyester material, meaning your belongings are safe even in the rain! You can also by this backpack in over 25 colours and patterns, including red spot, satellite pattern, paper planes pattern, balloon pattern and galaxy blue.
  • The Cabin Max backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps (padded for extra comfort) so you can adjust the straps for a perfect fit, and it also comes with internal packing straps to keep your belongings in place.
  • This bag may be small, but it has a very reasonable 44 litre capacity and is suitable for longer trips.
  • The Cabin Max backpack comes with a three year guarantee, so you are protected and safe in the knowledge that this backpack was built to last.


Features: Lightweight – shower resistant – range of patterns & colours – adjustable shoulder straps – reasonable capacity – 3 year guarantee.

Pricing: Affordable.

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TravelPro Review – Number 3

5 Cities Black Carry On Trolley Bag ReviewThis attractive, unique and affordable trolley fits the specifications set by most airlines and is comparatively light weight. Read on for some of its features.

  • This trolleys dimensions are 55 x 35.5 x 20, meaning it fits the requirements set by British Airways, Easy Jet, Virgin, Ryanair and others.
  • The trolley has a reasonable 42 litre capacity, and it only weighs 1.46 kilos making it very light weight.
  • The Travelpro trolley is complete with a two-wheeled design and protective rubber balls at the bottom to prevent damages.
  • Whilst this is a lightweight piece of luggage, it is also tough with EVA panels and a durable exterior.
  • This trolley comes with top and side handles so it can be carried around with ease.
  • The Travelpro trolley has a retractable handle that can be pulled up to wheel the trolley or pushed down when boarding the plane.
  • This trolley’s two front pockets are great for storing your passport, mobile and spare clothes in! When you’re taking carry on luggage to the airport a lot of people don’t want to have to take a separate bag for their valuables, so it’s good to have accessible storage options.
  • The trolley comes with a padlock for extra security. It’s a sad but true fact that if you don’t lock your suitcase you could end up having some of your items stolen along the way, and it’s always important to protect yourself against theft as much as you can. Locking your suitcase will ensure the zips don’t accidentally open and none of your belongings fall out accidentally.
  • This Travelpro trolley comes with a two year guarantee, so not only are you protected from damages but you know that the manufacturers have faith in the quality of this trolley.


Features: Dimensions fit with 95% of airlines – reasonable capacity and lightweight – tough material – top and side handles – front pockets – limited lifetime guarantee.

Pricing: High End

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These are all great examples of carry on luggage, but there can only be one winner and that winner is the Samsonite Hand Luggage, 34 Liters, 55X40X20 cm,Fuchsia. This is a lightweight suitcase with an anti moisture seal that offers easy compartmentalisation, a TSA lock for extra security and all the benefits of a spinner suitcase.

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