Delsey Spinner Review 2019

Delsey Spinner

Delsey Belfort Spinner S 3842803

The Desley Spinner is a sturdy, impressive and up market suitcase with a simple yet impressive red design (lowest price here!). This suitcase is high end, meaning it is on the slightly more expensive side, but it is always worth investing in something that’s going to last. The Desley is a classy, professional looking suitcase with a sturdy hard shell, and it will definitely add a sense of sophistication to your trip.


This is a professional, durable and sturdy looking suitcase. The tan/gold exterior lining gives the suitcase a unique look without being tacky, and the discrete logo located at the top of this suitcase gives the Desley an all round designer feel. This suitcase looks expensive (more expensive than it actually is) and really has a professional, sleek feel to it. If you want to travel in style and are going for a mature, sophisticated, business class look, why not round it off with this classy looking suitcase!


Desley has been around since 1946, and it started out as a French company that created leather cases for cameras. The travel luggage department was set up in the 1970s, and ever since Desley has been an award winning, innovative luggage company with a solid reputation and a knack for making attractive, designer suitcases. The Desley company markets towards globe trotters, business travellers and anyone who likes to travel in style. This company has selling suitcases for over fifty years and they’re still going strong, so you can rest assure your Desley suitcase is coming from a reputable, respected company.

Spinner suitcase

The Desley is a spinner suitcase, so it has four multi directional wheels rather than two backward and forward wheels. Spinners have grown in popularity in recent years because many people find they are easier to manoeuvre. Spinner suitcases tend to have wheels that are multi directional, I.e they can move 360 degrees and don’t just go backwards and forwards.

A suitcase with multi directional wheels has a few advantages. You can change direction and turn the suitcase with ease, and as the extra wheels help balance out the suitcases weight, spinner suitcases are more likely to stand (and stay) upright and less likely to sag or lurch. Some people find that spinners are easy to push along and require less effort, so they are ideal for older people or those who have trouble with two wheeled suitcases.

Capacity and dimensions

This suitcase has dimensions of 52.5 x 77 x 32, which should meet most airline restrictions. The Desley has a large capacity of 121 litres, which is more than enough for a mid to long trip. Even if you don’t make full use of the storage, it’s handy to have the extra space so you can store spontaneous purchases and souvenirs.

This suitcase is made out of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a tough, strong material that is popular in engineering and construction. Due to its combination of high impact resistance and low weight, polycarbonate is also popular in the automotive and air craft industries. High impact, low weight, tough and strong are all good words to be associated with your suitcase, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when making your decision.


The interior of this suitcase is lined with a gorgeous red fabric. Many people aren’t comfortable with suitcase interiors that haven’t been lined because they feel these interiors are more likely to be dirty, but you can rest assure that this suitcase is completed lined. It is made complete with multiple zipper-close compartment and cross ribbon packing straps. Suitcases with different compartments allow you to separate your items so you know where everything is, and it lets you compartmentalise more easily as you can have a separate compartment for toiletries, dirty clothes, shoes etc.

Packing straps are great because they help keep your clothes in place. When luggage is checked into the plane it tends to move around a lot, and the last thing you want is to spend ages neatly packing, and then open your suitcase to find everything in complete disarray. Packing straps can also help make sure that more fragile items remain intact, although of course anything too fragile shouldn’t be checked in.


This suitcase comes with a pushable top handle and two carry handles located on the top and side of this product. Carry handles are very important because they let you carry your suitcase up stairs, into taxis and onto public transport. One carry handle is better than nothing, but two make things a lot easier because many people find it easier to carry suitcases sideways rather than longways. Having two handles gives you more flexibility and can contribute towards a smooth trip.


All Desley products will have a 2-10 year warranty that protects you against defects and any manufacturing errors, although it is important to double check at the time of purchase as this may not apply to all third party retailers.


Features: Professional, classy appearance, reputable long standing company, spinner suitcase, large capacity, strong durable material, lined exterior with extra compartments and packing straps, carry handles, company promises warranty on all Desley products.

If you are someone who likes to travel in style, you’re looking for a professional and sturdy spinner suitcase and you don’t mind paying a bit extra for quality, than this may be the suitcase for you!

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