IT Luggage Review 2019

IT Luggage Review

IT Luggage World's Lightest 55cm Carry-on Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase NavyToday I am reviewing the IT Luggage World’s Lightest 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase Black.

This suitcase is part of IT Luggage World’s lightest collection (lowest price here!). This company is committed to making lightweight travel products, and their range covers many items from backpacks to spinner suitcases to trolleys. IT has been in business since 1985, and today they create and sell over 7 million luggage products a year which makes them one of the most successful luggage companies in the U.K.


The IT Luggage World Four Wheel Spinner suitcase has a simple black design with two large front pockets, ideal for storing extra clothes and/or smaller items. A mixture of durable two tone fabric and fibre glass makes up a strong yet lightweight exterior, and this suitcase also boasts a light trolley frame with an adjustable push button handle.

This suitcase comes with two lifting handles located at the top and side of the product. It’s important to buy a suitcase with lifting handles so you can easily navigate your way around escalators, public transport and local taxis. These two handles also give you a choice between lifting longways or sideways, and as many people find sideways lifting easier its good to have the choice.

Spinner suitcase

As this is a spinner suitcase, this IT Luggage World suitcase has four wheels. These wheels have been specially designed to be extra silent and smooth, which just adds to the existing benefits of spinner suitcases. Many people find spinners easier to navigate with as their 360 turning wheels let you change direction and turn the suitcase around easily, and spinner suitcases also tend to feel lighter and are thus easier to push. Lots of consumers also feel reassured by the extra wheels, because if one breaks there are still three functioning wheels to get you to your destination.


This IT Luggage World’s suitcase is fully lined and includes mesh pockets and packing straps. Many people feel uneasy with unlined suitcases because they feel they will dirty the contents, so the full lining of this product should keep you reassured.

Mesh pockets are a great way of separating the contents of your suitcase so you can find things quicker, and mesh pockets can be used to store anything from underwear, liquids, and cosmetics to spare clothes and shoes.

Packing straps are also ideal because they help keep your items in place and stops them falling around the suitcase, so that when you reach your destination everything is where you left it and you don’t end up with a bunch of wrinkly clothes.

Weight and capacity

This spinner suitcase weighs just 2.3 kilos, which is pretty impressive when you consider that spinner suitcases tend to be heavier than their two wheeled cousins. It’s always good to start off with a light weight base because not only will it make the suitcase easier to carry between destinations, but most airlines have weight restrictions.

If you want to pack quite a lot of stuff, it’s a good idea to invest in something lighter so you don’t have to pack lightly to compensate for your heavy suitcase. Despite it’s lightness, this suitcase has quite a large 72 litre capacity, which is perfect for mid to long journeys.


This IT Luggage World suitcase comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty! This is a really impressive feature, because you will be protected from external damages for a decade. Many suitcases don’t last that long, but if this suitcase is damaged and the damages aren’t your fault you can get it replaced any time within a decade! This is a great peace of mind because you know you’ve invested in something that you can count on.

Long warranties also suggest that the manufacturer has faith that this product will last, because they wouldn’t put such a long warranty on something they knew was going to break within six moths. It costs them to pay out on warranties, so this shows an impressive degree of confidence in this product. If they are confident that this suitcase won’t break, then you don’t have to worry.


This suitcase is pretty affordable despite having more features and a longer warranty than similar priced or even more expensive brands. Whilst it’s not quite a budget buy, it is cost effective when you consider that unless you personally damage the suitcase you will have it for ten years. It’s always best to pay a bit more initially in order to save yourself having to keep buying the same product because it keeps breaking.


Features: Lightweight, extra pockets, durable material, lifting handles, mesh pockets, packing straps, 10 year warranty, affordable.

If you are looking for a non flimsy light weight suitcase with an impressive warranty, then you may have found what you’re looking for!

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