Luggage X Review 2019

Virtually Indestructible Luggage ‘Luggage X’

Virtually Indestructible Luggage 'Luggage X'As the name suggests, this is a durable, hardcore suitcase that was designed to last for a very long time (lowest price here!). This sturdy hard shelled suitcase is made out of polypropylene, which is an impact resistant material designed to make this suitcases exterior extra durable. Polypropylene is a tough and adjustable material it is often used in engineering and plumbing, and due to its impressive heat resisting properties it is popular in laboratories and in dish-washer safe products because it can withstand the heat that’s present in these environments. Polypropylene is resistant to many forms of physical damage, and it is also resilient against corrosion. Despite it’s strong properties, polypropylene is actually quite a lightweight material that won’t weigh you down.


This suitcase has an attractive, shiny black surface complete with a sandblast texture and ridges to give it that extra bit of individuality. A discrete logo on the front top won’t draw too much attention, and the design in general looks professional and sturdy. We can ensure you won’t miss this unique bit of luggage on the carousel!

Spinner Suitcase

This is a spinner suitcase, so it has four 360 degree wheels that can roll in all directions. This is great because it means you can change direction at a moments notice and your suitcase will follow. Rather than being limited to two directions (back and forward), spinner suitcases can be moved in any direction with less than a moments notice, and this added flexibility also means they are less likely to get stuck.

Spinner suitcases are also good because they are better able to evenly distribute weight in comparison to two wheeled suitcases. Two wheeled suitcases tend to keel over and it’s hard to keep them upright, but spinner suitcases are better able to stand their ground because the weight is even and the extra wheels take off some of the pressure. This is a bigger perk than it may sound, because the last thing you want is to be in a busy underground station or in a massive queue and have your suitcase fall into twenty people.


This suitcase comes with a retractable handle that can be locked into three different positions; fully extended, half way up, and pushed into the case. This is great because you can easily push the handle in when its time to check in your luggage, which is more important than it sounds because none retractable handles can easily be broken in the luggage bay. It also means you can adjust the handle according to your height, and you can use it to help carry additional bags.

This suitcase also comes with two carry handles located at the side and top of this suitcase, so you can lift it up with ease. It’s essential to have at least one carry handle if you are going to be using stairs or getting into any mode of public transport, because otherwise how are you going to lift and move the suitcase? Two handles are always better than one, because many people find it a lot easier to carry a suitcase sideways rather than longways (especially if the suitcase is more than half your size!).


This Luggage X product comes with a 12 month guarantee. It is always worth getting a product with a warranty because not only does it cover you from any damages that were not your fault, but it also shows you that the supplier thinks their product is going to last. There would be no point in putting a warranty on a product the manufacturer knows is flimsy and weak, because they know they would have to keep paying out and losing money. The length of a warranty is a good indication of how the minimum time the makers think their product is going to last, and 12 months is a good standard for a suitcase.

It is, however, always important to read the warranty to make sure you understand exactly what damages are and aren’t covered. For example, this guarantee covers you for any defects that are the fault of the manufacturer (I.e if the suitcase came damaged). The warranty will not cover natural wear and tear or damages that have occurred as a result of misuse (whether it be the airline or yourself who is to blame).

TSA Lock

The suitcase has extra security features in the form of a TSA combination lock. It is important to have some kind of lock for your suitcase especially if you are going to be checking it in, because not only will you need to protect yourself from theft but you’ll also have to ensure the suitcase doesn’t open accidentally.

These locks not only add extra security, but they make it a lot easier to get through customs in the USA. TSA approved locks (TSA stands for Travel Sentry Approved) can be opened by security offers and then easily relocked. Some countries will want to run security checks on your luggage, and if they can’t open the suitcase via a TSA lock they can and often will force the suitcase open, which can obviously result in damages. A TSA lock can easily be opened and closed by security without any excess force, and it is likely to speed up the customs process.


This suitcase comes with a satin interior, which is both attractive and practical as it will keep your clothes clean. There are also two zipped compartments which can be used for storing additional clothes and/or separating clean clothes from dirty clothes, and there is an additional pocket which you can use to store liquids, cosmetics, and toiletries.


Features: Tough, durable and heat resistant material, attractive design, spinner suitcase, retractable handle, warranty, TSA lock, attractive interior with multiple compartments.

If you are looking for a strong, sturdy suitcase that was built to last, than the Virtually Indestructible Luggage X spinner suitcase may be for you. Whilst you should know that this suitcase isn’t actually indestructible and we wouldn’t recommend throwing it out of a twenty storey building or running it over repeatedly with a lawnmower, it is made out of durable material and has a lot of impressive features for a reasonable price and it has been designed to last.

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