Best Suitcases For International Travel – Reviews 2016 – 2017

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Samsonite Termo YoungReputable brand - durable material - easy to control trolley handle - TSA lock - attractive exterior - limited 5 year warrantyMid range Lowest Price Here!
HaupstadtkofferAttractive exterior & durable material - spinner suitcase - telescopic ergonomic handle - sit handles - fully lined interior - TSA lockMid range Lowest Price Here!
AeroliteHigh quality material - spinner suitcase with eight wheels - TSA lock - comparatively lightweight & large capacity - retractable handle - lined interior - 5 year guranteeMid range Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Suitcases For International Travel

Shopping for suitcases is difficult because there’s so much choice in the online market. When buying a suitcase, you need to think about the kind of trips you are going to be making and whether the suitcase you want to buy is appropriate for your travelling style. This is especially true of international travel, because there are a lot of things you need to consider when buying a suitcase for overseas travel.

  • You need something durable. Check in luggage gets pulled and shoved around, it can fall into other suitcases, it could be buried in a mound of luggage, and it may move around during the flight. You need a suitcase that’s not going to rip and break at the first hurdle, so it’s always worth investing a little more money for something that’s going to last the entire trip (and other trips to come!).
  • You’ll want something lightweight. Whilst you may think you need to bring your entire wardrobe and skin care range with you, the reality is that you’re not going to need all that stuff. You should be packing as light as possible, but there’s no point in that if the suitcase itself is too heavy! As airlines will have weight restrictions, it’s helpful to get a lightweight suitcase so you can bring more items with you without having to limit yourself because you have to factor in a heavy suitcases weight. Before buying a suitcase, check how much it weighs and make sure you will be able to manoeuvre it. Remember you’re not just going to be pushing the suitcase around the airport, but you’ll also have to take it to the airport and to your hotel.
  • Not too pricey but not too cheap. Whilst it is always worth paying more for a quality product, you don’t wan to end up spending more on the suitcase then you did on the holiday! There are loads of options out there that will give you a good deal for your money, as you can see from our list below.
  • If possible, buy something with a warranty. Warranties don’t just protect you from damages (although they do do that), but they also let you know that the manufacturer of your product has faith in the suitcase and thinks it will last for at least the number of years on the warranty.

Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our list of the top 3 suitcases for international travel!

Samsonite Termo Young Upright Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite Termo Young Upright ReviewThis strong, durable and hard shelled suitcase is perfect for long trips abroad (lowest price here!). Read on to discover the Samsonite Termo Young’s many features.

  • This sturdy remake of the classic Samsonite Termo collection comes from a reputable, well known manufacturer and is made out of polypropylene. This is a material well known for its durability and extra strength, and it also tends to be incredibly shock resistant.
  • The Samsonite Termo Young has a large 120L volume. It is not the lightest suitcase in the world (weighing 5.50 kg), but considering its strong exterior and large size that is to be expected. This suitcase has dimensions of 82 x 56 x 34 cm.
  • This suitcase comes with a trolley handle which you can control via simple push button, and it also offers a side handle so you can pick the suitcase up with ease.
  • The Samsonite Termo Young comes with a fixed 3 digit TSA lock, which not only offers extra protection but is ideal for trips to the USA. Many airports will have to check inside your suitcase as part of security protocol, and if they can’t open the suitcase via a lock they can and often will force it open. TSA locks can be opened and closed by security personnel without causing any damage to your suitcase, and they can also help speed up your customs checks.
  • This suitcase comes with two good quality wheels that are also made from polypropylene, as is the locks, handle and frame. This is a strong, durable and heat resistant material that is often used in laboratories and home appliances such as kettles.
  • The Samsonite Termo Young range was developed as a more lightweight, durable and attractive suitcase that would appeal to the younger generation. The Lego themed exterior and shiny front will appeal to young and old travellers alike, and this suitcase is also available in blue and red.
  • Samsonite Termo Young offers a limited 5 year warranty, which will keep you and your suitcase protected for half a decade! A warranty doesn’t just protect you for the length of its duration, but it’s a good indicator of how well built a product is. If a manufacturer knows they have created something weak and flimsy, they’re less likely to offer a warranty on it because they know they’re going to have to pay out. If something has a long warranty it means it’s been built to last.


Features: Reputable brand – durable material – easy to control trolley handle – TSA lock – attractive exterior – limited 5 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid range.

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Haupstadtkoffer Review – Number 2

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER ReviewThis durable spinner suitcase is a great travel companion for overseas trips. Read on to see some of the Haupstadtkoffer’s best features!

  • This suitcases attractive ribbed exterior is made out of ABS and polycarbonate, both durable materials that give this suitcases hard exterior a glossy finish.
  • As this is a spinner suitcase, it comes with four multi directional wheels that are specifically designed to be as quiet as possible.
  • Not only does this suitcase have a large capacity, but can expand up to 4 cm if you need a little extra space for your belongings.
  • This suitcase comes with a telescope, ergonomic handle made out of aluminium, and it also features a top and side handle so the suitcase can be lifted with ease.
  • The Haupstadtkoffer has a fully lined interior complete with elastic cross ribbon and a mesh pocket to keep your belongings in place during the flight.
  • This suitcase comes with a TSA combination lock which can be reset to a memorable code. This is ideal for travelling to the USA because as previously mentioned TSA locks can be easily opened by security without causing damage to your luggage, and a TSA lock can help you go through checks faster because it’ll take less time to check your suitcase.
  • The Haupstadtkoffer we are reviewing is the black model, but it can be purchased in multiple colours including cyan blue, magenta and purple.


Features: Attractive exterior & durable material – spinner suitcase – telescopic ergonomic handle – sit handles – fully lined interior – TSA lock.

Pricing: Mid-range

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Aerolite Hard Shell 8 Wheel Spinner Review – Number 3

Aerolite Hard Shell 8 Wheel Spinner ReviewThis durable suitcase comes from a well known brand and makes a great travel companion. Read on to find out more.

  • The Aerolite hard shell is made from high quality Polycarbonate and is designed to be sturdy and long lasting.
  • This is a spinner suitcase with a total of eight wheels. This ensures the weight load is evenly distributed, leading to greater stability than tradition two or four wheel suitcases. It also makes the suitcase easier to manoeuvre as the wheels can rotate to 360 degrees.
  • This suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock, which is great for travelling to the USA and can help speed up the whole customs process.
  • The Aerolite suitcase is surprisingly lightweight (weighing just 4.5 kg) and has a large capacity of 116L.
  • This suitcase comes with a retractable handle, which is ideal for flexibility.
  • This Areolite suitcase has a lined interior complete with various compartments which you can store your belongings in. It also comes with packing straps which will hold your items in place during the flight,.
  • All Aerolite hard shell suitcases come with a 5 year guarantee, so you know you are protected for longer.


Features: High quality material – spinner suitcase with eight wheels – TSA lock – comparatively lightweight & large capacity – retractable handle – lined interior – 5 year gurantee.

Pricing: Mid-range

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You would be lucky to take any of these suitcases on an international flight, but the top prize goes to the Samsonite Termo Young Upright 82 cm 2 Wheel Hardshell Suitcase Black because it is a revitalised edition to a well known brand, it is made out of durable and shock resistant material, it is easy to use, it is protected by a TSA lock, it has an attractive, modern exterior, and it has a five year warranty!

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